Connor Fields has no excuses, that’s why he’s a champion. Crashing is part of the game, and I’ve witnessed Connor get up and just kept moving forward. Connor had a pretty good crash leading up to the 2012 Olympic games in London, a crash that set back his preparation. But he didn’t cry about it, he still moved forward with the attitude that there is still opportunity for him ahead. With this mindset, he was one lap away from winning gold in London. And when he failed to do that, he put his head back down and went to work on Rio. We all know what happened there, a Gold medal shined as the American National Anthem was played in the honor of his performance and his American pride. No excuses!

Check out the crash sequence during a training session at the Olympic Training Center from 2012, gnarly!

Connor was known to be super aggressive as a teen pro, hey, he won the majority of UCI World Cups that year. He sucks up this jump so low his pants rub the rear tire….

Newton’s third law takes over and as a result of his butt hitting the rear tire, his left hand gets jarred off the handlebar grips, yikes!

Connor doesn’t really have time to think here, this crash inevitably going to happen right now!

It’s never a good result when you crash on the first straight at 30 mph, luckily, Connor wasn’t broken to the point he couldn’t race, but he was bruised and cut up to where he was forced to take time off the bike before getting processed to the London Games.

As cliche’ as it sounds, it’s not how you fall, it’s how you get up. Connor is smart enough to realize excuses do not keep you on the track to success and this is a character trait that we all can learn from Mr. Fields.



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